A glimpse into my world

picture of bhagyashree in new york holding a cup of coffee
I'm Bhagyashree, a Product Designer based in Washington, DC.
I was raised in a household that appreciates art. Be it music, cinema, or the written word. And I held onto every ounce that I could. Not a day goes by without me losing myself in a song, movie, or book. Nothing inspires me as much as art, no matter the medium.
sketch of a woman as pieces of a puzzle
cherry blossoms against the night sky
I am a very observant individual, sensitive to my surroundings; especially to the company around me. People always fascinate me. I take great pride in the fact that I can appreciate the diversity of people around me. I imbibe profound motivation from the people around me.
I am deeply passionate about design, technology, and innovation. In today's times, the possibilities are truly endless. There's a unique satisfaction in creating something that nobody's ever seen. And that feeling is something that I'm constantly chasing. It's what drives me to do my best every day.
web interface design
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Fuelled by art, ignited by the people around me, and driven by technology, I believe great things are on the horizon, waiting to be discovered. Serendipitously, UX Design allows me to unite my inspiration, motivation, and passion. User experience design is a powerful tool, capable of communicating stories. I wish to leverage this power to enhance the lives of those around me. I want to tie the motive of furthering technology back to its inventors: people.
In my leisure, I take time to get inspired. I am a Potterhead, a coffee aficionado, and a travel enthusiast. You may often find me capturing memories of beautiful sights and experiences around me.
sunset on a beach